Okay, this blogging effort has gotten lost in Life. Not my plan and it took me a while to knit it all back together. Turns out the question was not “Do I write novels or write non-fiction about retirement issues?” The question was “What do I really need in my life?”

The answer is “Both. And a lot more.” That insight involved working with a life coach for a year. Good experience, but again, not what I thought I was going to be doing at this point in my life.

After the soul searching, I spent almost a year reworking the retirement website. You can find that at I am working on “the next book” in that vein as well. But I’m also noodling story ideas and am excited about getting back into that.

It’s great to be excited about anything. That’s probably the biggest takeaway from what’s been going on with me for the last four years. It’s a good lesson –that even when things are looking really bleak and the professionals are telling you “Get used to it. This is your life now.”, there’s room to hope and reason to keep trying to get to a better place. (I go into this a little more in the “Greetings from Lazarus” blog post on if you’re interested.)

I’m ecstatic to report life is fun again Here’s my version of “cooking paleo.” (Good thing the grandkids weren’t watching…..)

Cooking paleo….