Finding a voice…

I gave this the title “Phhfsdt….plksd….teraew22..#..dtrah?!” A few minutes ago.  Then I had the good sense to put real words in the title so Google would like me. (Not that putting that gibberish in the first sentence helps much…)

I like the idea of building a sense of group here–of me giving you regular doses of “writing” that you can both enjoy and–at least sometimes–use.  I’ve been blogging for over six years, so it’s not like this is a new skill base that I need to acquire.

But suddenly, it is.

How did that happen?  I found having something to say pretty doable when I was talking about retirement issues.  Of late, those posts had turned into mostly “life in general” commentary anyway.  so I could just do that on this site instead of the old one, right?


… it’s not working.  Today I am finally starting to see why.  As an “authority” you have to have a voice.  You have to talk about the things that can make a difference in whatever aspect of life you’re trying to be a resource on.  But as a novelist?  It’s just the opposite.  You don’t need my voice–in fact it’s an obstacle when it’s time to create a new story,  You need to be able to hear the voice of that book, not me as a writer of several books.

I am writing a new story and that makes this a key factor to figure out.  I want to engage.  But I also want to give you a really good story in what I offer next.

I’m still trying to figure out how to deal with this.  There are probably very effective ways, and I just haven’t uncovered them yet. For now, instead of my voice, I will give you my eyes–some of my favorite shots from what I’ve been blessed to be able to see for myself.

Abiqui NM

Abiqui, New Mexico….red rocks and desert: connecting soles to soul.

Near rainer at sunrise in Nov

Sunrise….the ultimate statement of hope.  (Mount Rainier, WA)

THE Ruby

Oneness: us and the ocean  (Ruby Beach, Washington Coast)

Carry on?