WidowBoyCover1400pxThe bullet that ended Edwina Sinclair’s life went into her husband’s chest. Their dream of a new life together in the gold rush town of Cripple Creek died with him.   She manages to escape the ruthless gang, only to find the local law is on the take. Justice becomes her responsibility. 

Disguising herself as a boy and using skills she was never supposed to learn, she makes her way in the gold-crazy town, trying to come up with a plan to kill the gang leader. Then she discovers he’s also hunting her. As she struggles to stay one step ahead of him, she realizes that getting justice isn’t so simple. Neither is staying alive.

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 Useful Reviews You Won’t See on Amazon:  If Amazon decides a reviewer knows the author, they decline the review.  My family and friends are are my most honest critics so that’s a waste of some good reviews:

I found this book to be fascinating and very well written.  The story is compelling and well told.  The characters are strong—they really engage the reader.  The time setting is extremely interesting with great historical accuracy.  And the scenery is beautifully described.  I found it very difficult to put the book down once I started because of the suspense; I had to know what happened next.  A definite ‘easy read’ novel.  You won’t go wrong reading ‘Widow Boy’ if you are into historical and/or western fiction.          My middle sister, Ricki

“I thought this was a great twist on the Western genre. There were plenty of twists and turns, the villain was fun to hate, and Edwina was great fun to follow. Definitely recommend!”  My friend Erik–a published author.

Widow Boy is fast paced with a captivating plot & compelling characters. From the first page to last I was drawn to Edwina, wondering how she would survive and if she would be able to find revenge against Rafe Pettibone. But with help from her new friends she figures out what she really needs and what is most important to her. I would enjoy a sequel to find out how Edwina succeeds as a woman in mining and how she deals with Ira Kendrick and other claim jumpers.    My sister Laura